Time Is Fleeting

On the 8th of August, my son celebrated his first birthday. The day before we had a nice little party for him, of course he got some cake, although he wasn’t too interested in it, it made for some cute pics. In all honesty, since the day he was born I was pretty much dreading his first birthday, and the closer it got, the more and more I didn’t want it to come. I mean, every parent wants their child to stay little forever right? Of course I want him to grow up, but I didn’t think it would actually happen in the blink of an eye. I feel like the first year went so fast that I won’t remember it several years from now. I know that I will, but that is just how damn fast it went. When you have your baby and other parents tell you how fast time goes, they really, really mean it. I thought they were over-exaggerating, but they really weren’t.

One whole year feels like a few short months when it’s the first year of your child’s life. All you parents with teeny tiny new born babies, cuddle them tight. Enjoy those moments where the thing they want to do most is sleep on your chest for hours, because soon enough they will be running around, playing and barely ever wanting to cuddle you (unless of course it’s sleepy time, then who doesn’t love a good cuddle?).


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