No, I Am Not A Bad Mother For Getting My Son Circumcised.

Normally I try my best to avoid heated topics such as this one, but as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed this morning I saw a picture that really got me upset. It was a picture of a beautiful little baby, with those mitts on to prevent them from scratching their faces, and beside it, another picture of an (outdated) circumcision procedure, along with the words “You protect your baby from hurting himself, so why would you want to hurt him on purpose?”

Now, I fully understand that everybody has their own opinions (especially parents), but I personally find things like that totally unfair. From day one we are protecting our babies and doing what we feel is best for them, and the majority of the time we are completely judged by other parents, or people without children. And I think that it is heart breaking.

Reading comments like those really do have an impact on me because I did not make this choice in a split second, for months I did crazy amounts of research and spent weeks thinking about whether or not I was making the right choice, just to be torn down by other parents who simply disagree with the choice. Us parents should be helping and praising each other (unless they are actually harming their baby!!!) not ridiculing each other for choices that they have made when it comes to their own child. Why is it okay for these things to be said to the certain parents who chose to circumcise their sons? Why is it okay for us to be accused of inflicting unnecessary pain on our babies when that’s the exact opposite of what we are doing? Most of all, why is it anybody else’s business?

So, no. I am not a bad mother for deciding to get my son circumcised, and neither are you for deciding not to.


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